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Natural Soap Facts

There's a world of difference between real soap and the vast majority of the commercially made "soap" that we see online, in drugstores, and in supermarkets. By definition, natural soap is created by the process of saponification. Saponification is a chemical reaction caused by the combination of oils, water, and sodium hydroxide. The sodium hydroxide is consumed in the process leaving behind natural soap. Natural soap contains glycerin (a natural by-product of the saponification process which softens skin and helps it attract and retain moisture). Our soap and shampoo bar recipes are super fat formulas that leave 10% - 20% of the oils we use in the recipes on your skin and up to 10% in your hair for extra nourishment and moisture retention. 


Read the ingredient lists of the most popular "soaps" and body washes. You will see a long list of barely pronounceable chemicals added to try (and fail) to recreate the natural goodness that real soap contains. Some of these products are synthetic detergents. Others have all or most of their natural glycerin removed and sold to cosmetic companies to maximize profits. Harsh chemical ingredients are added to commercial detergent "soap" to produce a fluffy lather that robs your skin of its natural oils. Artificial fragrances and dyes are often added to these products and can cause skin irritation.

Every ingredient we choose for our products has multiple benefits for the skin and hair. We use organic oils that make up the basis of most of our soaps and nutrient-rich additives such as matcha, ginger powder, and organic essential oils. Each one has multiple nurturing benefits lovingly created in nature to nourish and improve your skin and hair. We also take pride in only using organic, natural, and pure ingredients in our products. Bathing Spirit's mission is to give you the best skin and hair of your life while helping you to maintain it as well.

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